Addition to Company Scheme

Please tell us about yourself before we add you to the company scheme

We will be asking you a series of questions related to you and your medical history.  Please answer these questions fully and accurately so that we can look at adding you to your company scheme.

Your benefits will be decided by your HR Department or what is offered on the current policy plan.  For details please check with the company secretary as this may differ to what you have at the moment.

We will work closely with your HR manager or your CEO to help get you covered with your health insurance plan.  Please let us know which company you work for so that we can get the right details back to your HR department and in time so that we can add you efficiently to the policy.  Some details may be relevant in making sure you have the right cover.  Please also let us know if you have cover in place at the moment so that we can advise on continuing your cover.  If you do have cover in place we may ask you to provide your current health insurance medical certificate so that we can get the information to your new insurer.

Employee Benefit Packages to suit you

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